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Born in 1994, Yasmin Nicholas grew up and lives in North West London. She is third generation Caribbean (Dominican and St Lucian descent) however with the major influence from her grandparents originating from Dominica, she has embraced the culture strongly. As a child, she enjoyed poetry and art however took it seriously into her work, within her college years. Graduating in BA Fine Art at Middlesex University, Hendon in 2015. She has had group shows including Beaconsfield in Vauxhall, London and at Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London in 2015, where she presented both of her films, ‘Bwapen’ and ‘Metaphors’. Nicholas’ work consists of a mixed media including writing and poetry, accounts of daily life, drawing attention to particular experiences, identity,  race and diaspora related issues, caribbean culture and interests about the artist in which she feels can be elaborated on any type of medium besides books, on paper or spoken aloud.


In addition to the influence of linguistic identities, Nicholas also uses a play on language including the fusion of the ‘dominant’ language of English and the ‘domestic’ language of Kwéyòl. Artist Influences include Wadsworth Jarrell, Shirin Neshat, Glenn Ligon and Keith Piper, with the aesthetic use between the two languages, she focuses on on how to expand the perimeter of what is a ‘dominant’ or ‘domestic’ language through art with poetry and literature and change the attitudes towards what a structural language is, a re-representation of these languages. She is also a poet aside from her artwork and is currently working on new material.


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